Our Founder’s Story

  Pictured above: our founder Mark Howell and his family - made possible from the support of so many!

Pictured above: our founder Mark Howell and his family - made possible from the support of so many!


Simply put, this is my purpose on earth. If you don't know my story, my life was funded. The picture you see of this event is my family. Our lives as we know it today were funded. People raised $200k for my family and I to go outside the restricted means our insurance provided, to defy all odds every doctor laid out for my life, and to be here 6 years after a "few weeks left to live" stage 4 cancer diagnosis that came 2 weeks after my oldest son was born. 

I am a walking, breathing, real-life miracle. Yes, it took much more than money to save my life, but the money provided resources, hope, took unneeded stress out of the most stressful of situations. Enabled us to pursue about every potential treatment we could find that held some validity anywhere across the country. It bought me time. Time to spend with my family. Time to heal from impossible surgeries. Time away from work. Time for my family to be away from work. Time to find more options to keep the hope alive. Time to ultimately find the treatment that has me 3 years removed from any measurable disease.

From weeks to live, to 6 years alive. I am here to help "fund lives", It's what I can do. It's the change I know I can lead and be. It's the light that is needed in the darkest of moments. But, like all dreams, I cannot do this alone. I need, we need, your support. 

Will you help me, us, Fund a Life, fund more lives? Will you help us be the light in the darkest of moments? I trust you will, and that is why I am here doing this. 

Fund a Life's mission is broad so that we can insert hope into situations of all kinds. Our mission is defined as "to help individuals and families emotionally and financially overcome obstacles caused by major life-altering circumstances of all kinds." How amazing is that? 

I guarantee you know someone who has applied for a gift. I guarantee you know of at least one person in your life right now that we could help. We need your support to be able to continue to fulfill the growing needs we see in applications on a daily basis, and already cannot keep pace with. 

No monetary restriction should EVER be the deciding factor in whether someone lives or dies, or receives the proper chance at succeeding in life through a rough patch, or negatively impacts their quality of life beyond their control. Money should never be a part of those things, yet, it all too often is. 

This giving season will you consider making your largest contribution to Fund a Life? With your support, we can shine enough light to ward off the darkness in our loved ones lives. 

Thank you for the support! Blessings to you!
-Mark Howell