Grant Application Guidelines

Fund A Life, NFP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to help families and individuals overcome life-altering and threatening circumstances. We provide that aid in form of individually approved grants that are personalized to each person/s case. Below is a list of the most commonly approved grants to provide some insight on the types of things we typically can consider:

  • financial burden from a major health issue / diagnosis
  • financial burden left by the passing of a loved one
  • requirement for a specific medical device or type of equipment needed
  • travel / respite for emotional or physical treatment / recovery of any kind
  • means to make a modification to a residency or automobile for the safety of a loved one

Please understand the above funded causes are not limited to those listed, but rather the most commonly received requests. We will individually assess each grant application, and if the request is deemed to fit within our foundation's mission, a grant will be awarded per the application process outlined further below on this page.

The following guidelines must be met by any/all applicants for a grant application to be considered:

  • Individual applicants need to be at 18 years of age, unless otherwise co-signed with an adult who has verified all the information is accurate as represented by said minor.
  • Applicants need to be both willing and able to provide appropriate proof of the need requested in the grant application (*Please note, any/all medical documentation will only be used by Fund A Life to verify any grant applicant's case. Under no circumstance will this information be shared with anyone outside the Fund A Life grant approval team)
  • Grant recipient must be a permanent resident inside the U.S.
  • Grant application must be filled out in its entirety and submitted via email to or mailed to Fund A Life at P.O. Box 406, Brighton, MI 48116

Grant Application Process

  1. Application Submittal / Receipt - Applicant submits the completed grant application to Fund A life electronically via email or hard copy by mail for review
  2. Application Pre-Screening - A grant application reviewer chosen by the board reviews information to ensure the application appears legitimate and that the application is filled out in its entirety. Any missing information will be requested to be completed prior to evaluating the application for approval.

  3. Board Review & Vetting of Application - The Board of Directors reviews the application and its legitimacy. At this stage we may ask for additional information to help verify the need outlined in the application. 

  4. Grant Application Response - We will notify you of the Board's decision of the grant application along with any details of funding approval or denial at this stage. If approved, the grant will be awarded immediately to the recipient identified throughout the application process.