Welcome to the Fund a Life "Campaigns" page! Here you will find a list of the current active fundraising efforts, goals, and programs that we have running. Together with your support we can help insert hope into people's lives in some of their darkest moments. From any major life-altering circumstance from health crises and awful diagnoses, to families falling on hard times, Fund a Life's broad mission allows our team to take action in a multitude of situations. With your help, our impact will have NO RESTRAINT!

Help our team Shine Light in the Darkest of Moments, and join our efforts through a campaign today!


Project 5500

  • What is Project 5500? Project 5500 is a universal effort to grow our "Round-Up Your Change" participants to 5500+ people. With each round-up participant averaging $15-$20 per month in donations simply from rounding up change on bank or credit card transactions, Fund a Life will raise $1,000,000 per year for our mission should we reach 5500 participants. What an awesome, budget-friendly way to make a HUGE impact from such a small individual commitment.

  • How Can I Register for Project 5500? Simple! Click on the button to the left, and after a quick registration set-up your registered credit cards or bank accounts will begin rounding up change on all transactions and donating it to Fund a Life!

Mission Partner Program

  • What is the Mission Partner Program? An opportunity to come alongside Fund a Life in a very unique way. Mission Partners commit to specific giving amounts each year in order to account for the operating expenses of our organization allowing 100% of donor and event fundraising to then be used solely for our mission's purpose of providing financial gifts to people facing major life-altering circumstances of all kinds. Due to donor sensitivity of how a non-profit utilizes their funds, this provides a transparent model for both the donor and the Mission Partner. 

  • Who Can be a Mission Partner? Typically Mission Partners consist of companies or individuals that understand the nature of running a business, the appropriate costs that are associated even with a nonprofit, and want to support Fund a Life's mission. 

Photo by Warchi/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Warchi/iStock / Getty Images

Interested in learning more about the Mission Partner Program, and how to get involved? Please contact us today using the button to the right, or by filling out the Contact Us inquiry page. Our Founder, Mark Howell, will be in touch with you shortly to setup a time to talk further about this unique opportunity! Thank you for your interest in supporting Fund a Life!